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Table 1 Curriculum renewal summary pre-and post-online interventions of blended learning tools

From: Video feedback and e-Learning enhances laboratory skills and engagement in medical laboratory science students

Teaching Component Former Course Delivery Current Course Delivery
Lecture Face-to-face and online
2 h/week for 13 weeks
Online only
2 h/week for 13 weeks
Tutorial Large class, didactic, independent learning (+/− computer access)
1 h/week for 13 weeks
Team-based learning (4–6/group), with computer access
3 h/fortnight for 13 weeks
Practical 2 h/week for 13 weeks 2 h/week for 13 weeks
Virtual slides Available Available
Video feedbacka Not available Available online for embedding and microtomy techniques
Online e-Learning modules Not available Available for histology techniques
Online student portfolio Not available Available for morphology and histology techniques (embedding and microtomy)
Face-to-face contact hours 65 h/ semester 44 h/ semester
  1. aAvailable to video study participants in 2017 only