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Table 1 Outline of sessions

From: Evaluation of Constructing Care Collaboration - nurturing empathy and peer-to-peer learning in medical students who participate in voluntary structured service learning programmes for migrant workers

Session Details
1 – Commitment Volunteers reflect on their preconceived impressions, develop relationships and meaningful conversations with migrant workers, and compare the demographics, background and experiences with their impressions.
2 – Compassion Volunteers explore migrant workers’ journeys and reasons for traveling to Singapore and reflect on the problems faced by the migrant worker they clerked.
3 – Communication Volunteers focus on difficulties faced when taking history from the migrant workers, reflect on solutions and consider problems faced by migrant workers in a typical public healthcare setting.
4 – Care Volunteers explore migrant workers’ ideas, concerns and expectations and reflect on how they differ from their local counterpart.
5 – Concern Volunteers reflect on the general health and wellbeing of migrant workers, and the resources, or lack thereof, available.
6 – Continuity Volunteers reflect on their initial motivations for volunteering, what they have learnt, and how they would proceed thereon.