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Table 1 Process of expertise in research supervision: themes, sub-themes and codes

From: The journey of thesis supervisors from novice to expert: a grounded theory study

Themes Sub themes Code
Engagement Curious observation personal interest, self-awareness, meet the students’ needs, detect weaknesses in research skills, observation on role models
Evaluation the reality academic dignity,competition
Supervision climate Challenging with shortcomings Inadequate resources, work position, organizational Change, work overload, admission of students over the capacity, new rules and regulation of scholarship
Role ambiguity Role ambiguity in thesis supervision, sudden changes in personal life
various performance Ineffective evaluation, inadequate feedback
Maturation Reflection in action self-directed learning, participatory teaching and learning strategies learning through a hidden curriculum
Reflection on action Conditional Self-efficacy by expertise experience
Interactive Accountability Various quality attributes from expertise to in expertise