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Table 1 Course Schedule of Biomedical English Literature Guide

From: Evaluation of factors influencing the guide to read biomedical English literature course for Chinese new medical postgraduates—a multiple regression analysis

Speakers Contents Teaching methods Language
Speaker 1 Strategies and techniques for reading English literature Lecture Chinese
Speaker 2 Document review of project planning and implementation stage Exemplary Teaching (Model Article 1) Chinese-English
Speaker 3 Interpretation of the dissertation Exemplary Teaching (Model Article 2) Chinese-English
Speaker 4 Experience writing skills from literature reading Exemplary Teaching (Model Article 3) Chinese-English
Speaker 5 Review reading Exemplary Teaching (Model Article 4) Chinese-English
Speaker 6 Critical reading Exemplary Teaching (Model Article 5) Chinese-English
Speaker 7 Application of literature in the writing of postgraduates’ research plan Lecture Chinese