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Table 2 Pitfalls and possibilities of the motivational paths of the creators

From: Influencing factors in the implementation of postgraduate medical e-learning: a thematic analysis

Group Pitfalls Chances
Technology-centered No clear learning aims Evaluation of new technology
  Risk of evaluation without control group Development of next technologies
  No initial user or creator support Investment possibilities
Learner-centered Possible lack of innovation Needs come from the learner
  Need to motivate creators Need for improvement of available tools
   Available learner commitment
Creator-centered Risk of no learner need Motivated creators
  Possible lack of innovation New knowledge shared
  1. Legend Table 2: a motivational path is the reason which motivated the e-learning creators to make the e-learning. They can be motived by a new technology that they want to test (technology-centered), because there is a need from a learner’s perspective (learner-centered) or from the need of the creators themselves to share of educate a lesson (creator-centered).