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Table 2 Portfolio assessment tool (PAT)

From: Implementing and evaluating an e-portfolio for postgraduate family medicine training in the Western Cape, South Africa

  Indicators in the portfolio Score or grading in the portfolio Description of indicators Minimum needed in the portfolio/year
1 Learning plans /10 Mean rating of the written learning plan by the supervisor. 6-monthly
2 Reports on performance /10 Mean rating of the registrar’s performance by the supervisor. 6-monthly
3 Educational meetings /20 Number of hours accumulated scored out of 10 and the range of different types of educational interactions scored out of 10. 24 h, 5 different types of interactions
4 Observations by supervisors /10 Mean rating of the registrar performing different competencies such as a consultation, procedure or teaching event. 10 observations
5 Assignments /10 Mean of grades obtained for written assignments. 2 assignments
6 Logbook /30 Rating of competency to perform each clinical skill by the supervisor adjusted to score out of 30. 2 ratings per year
7 Global rating /10 Rating of the overall evidence of learning, quality of reflection and organisation of the portfolio. Once a year
8 Total grade /100