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Table 1 Examples of statements for subscale measures of creativity. The range for all statements is 1–5

From: Creative teaching behaviors of health care school teachers in Taiwan: mediating and moderating effects

Scale Example statement
SCCS subscales (4)
 School encouragement (SE) Schools encourage teachers to engage in creative work through public praise or rewards.
 School support (SS) The school supports the creative ideas of the students.
 Team cooperation (TC) Students can exchange ideas with each other without reservation.
 Sufficient recourses (SR) The school provides sufficient supplies for developing healthcare products.
CTBS subscales (4)
 Autonomous learning (AL) I provide instruction to students on methods to improve learning.
 Creative thinking (CT) I explain to students about obstacles and frustrations that are part of the process of creativity.
 Characteristics/motivation (CM) Environment/opportunity (EO) I provide challenging and exciting materials to my students in accordance with their abilities, to help them master required skills.
I encourage students to communicate with other members with positive language in group.
SECTS subscales (3)
 Positive self-appraisal (SA) I can guide students to use creative thinking strategies to develop their creativity.
 Lack of negative consciousness (NC) I have enough creativity knowledge for teaching work.
 Belief in one’s resistance to stress (BRS) I can actively develop student creativity with my teaching, even if the school atmosphere is not conducive to creativity.
CTETITS subscales (6)
 Ability to evaluate patents and trademarks (EPT) I encourage students to use their imagination to create trademark designs.
 Ability to teach about patents (ATP) After my teaching, the students’ works are more creative.
 Ability to teach creatively (ATC) I appreciate the students’ creations and provide additional rewards
 Knowledge of intellectual property rights (KIPR) My teaching results in a higher likelihood of my students’ obtaining property rights for the product they created.
 Ability to design courses (ADC) My curriculum design can enhance students’ creativity.
 Belief in the creativity of students (BCS) I think that students’ creativity can be nurtured.
  1. Note: SCCS School’s Creative Climate Scale, CTBS Creative Teaching Behavior Scale, CTETIS Creativity Teaching Efficiency of Technology Institute Teacher’s Scale, SECTS Self-efficacy for Creative Teaching Scale