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Table 1 Overview of M1 Coaching Program

From: Executive/life coaching for first year medical students: a prospective study

Session and Type Goals
1. Vision and Goals, Group Format (10 per group, 4 groups, 90 min/group) • Articulate and clarify long term career vision
• Create short- term goals to overcome academic challenges
• Access goals when needed
• Maintain prominence of goals in daily activities and long term planning
• Apply goals to daily planning
2. Visioning and goals, 60 min individual session • Build relationship with student
• Identify personal strengths and values
• Break goals down into attainable steps
• Create action plan for goals
• Identify and anticipate individual barriers, strategies to overcome
3. Managing stressors, Group format (10 per group, 4 groups, 60 min/group) • Stressors common to all participants
• Reframing negative thinking
• Chunking and scheduling to improve time management
• How to make decisions
• Supporting personal confidence
• Rebounding from failures, real or perceived
4. Managing stressors, 60 min individual session • Conserving energy
• Identifying and approaching individual’s negative thinking
• Individual application of decision-making and prioritization tools
• Application of techniques throughout medical school career