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Table 1 Foundational Principles of the Medical Educator

From: Medical education today: all that glitters is not gold

1. Embrace science and instill this passion in learners.
2. Demonstrate integrity and thoroughness, and expect this from learners.
3. Be a role model for honesty, integrity and kindness, and fair, equitable and respectful treatment of others.
4. Instill in learners an appreciation for the importance of individual variability in human biology, genetics, behavior, and environment.
5. Foster a positive learning environment that is diverse, respectful, inclusive and collegial.
6. Develop the next generation.
7. Always strive for excellence and aspire to continually do better.
8. Teach and serve as a role model for the wise use of society’s resources.
9. Help learners understand and appreciate the value of collaboration across disciplines.
10. Demonstrate a focus on the public good.
  1. Adapted from (reference 88): Cofrancesco Jr. J, Ziegelstein RC, Hellmann DB. Developing foundational principles for teaching and education for a school of medicine. The Pharos/Spring 2018, pp. 43–46