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Table 1 Search strategy details

From: Curriculum management/monitoring in undergraduate medical education: a systematized review

Search Engine/ Database Search strategy Date of search
PubMed ((curricul* [Title]) AND (manage* OR monitor* OR alignment [Title]) AND (medic* [Title])) 24.7.2017
Science Direct TITLE-ABSTR-KEY((curricul*) AND (manage* OR monitor* OR align*) AND (medic*)) AND LIMIT-TO(topics, “medical, medical education, medical student, medicine”). 1.8.2017
Scopus TITLE ((curricul*) AND (manage* OR monitor* OR align*) AND (medic*)) 31.7.2017
ERIC (curriculum or curricula) AND (manage* OR monitor* OR control* OR alignment) AND (medicine OR medical) AND (Descriptor: Medical Education) 29.7.2017