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Table 1 Differences between Self-Directed and Instruction Based Learning

From: Self-regulated learning in physical therapy education: a non-randomized experimental study comparing self-directed and instruction-based learning

Program Self-directed learning (1) Instruction-based learning (2)
Program outcomes Pre-defined Pre-defined
Learning goals Self-directed for each program activity Pre-defined for each scheduled program activity
Learning content Self-directed for each program activity Preset for each scheduled program activity
Learning activities Self-directed for each program activity, no teacher manual. Instruction based for each scheduled program activity, supported by a teacher manual.
Role of teacher Coach in choosing relevant personal learning goals and learning activities.
Providing performance feedback.
Coach in guiding learning activities towards pre-defined learning goals.
Providing performance feedback.
Monitoring learning progress Student in the lead Teacher in the lead
Assessment of learning outcomes. Pre-defined Pre-defined
Assessment criteria and procedure Pre-defined Pre-defined