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Table 3 Sample Comments from Registrars

From: Validity of the scan of postgraduate educational environment domains (SPEED) questionnaire in a rural general practice training setting

Theme Illustrative Quotes
Strengths of the educational environment
Supportive and accessible supervisors “Very approachable and supportive supervisor who has excellent knowledge and approach to general practice and keen dedication to teaching” (Respondent 333, Male, GPT1/PRT1)
“Excellent support, good supervisor role modelling, strong clinical knowledge of supervisor” (Respondent 112, Male, GPT2/PRT2)
“Excellent supervision, good case load, variety of cases, good opportunities for learning and outreach work” (Respondent 117, Female, Extended Skills)
Good Teamwork “Extremely supportive environment for registrars and training: positive workplace and fantastic teamwork; easily accessible supervisor” (Respondent 138, Female, GPT3/PRT3)
“Great supervisor and consultant team, great learning environment, variety of patients” (Respondent 266, Female, AST)
“Happy and friendly work environment. Appropriate expectations of registrar workload” (Respondent 204, Female, GPT3/PRT3)
Areas for improvement
Formal/ structured teaching “More direct supervision and formal teaching sessions would be required for a GPT1/2 registrar” (Respondent 12, Female, GPT2/PRT2)
“Supervision. But this is just the nature of this practice. It’s busy and teaching isn’t the focus” (Respondent 37, Female, GPT2/PRT2)
“There needs to be more variety and time dedicated to education hours” (Respondent 42, Male, GPT1/PRT1)
“On site clinical supervision and teaching could be improved especially for GPT 1” (Respondent 224, Female, GPT1/PRT1)