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Table 3 Summary of descriptive analyses & frequency of mention

From: Factors that influence the sustainability of structured allied health journal clubs: a qualitative study

Theme Subtheme Freq.
Perceived benefits of TREAT Perceived positive value or improved/easier 21
Increased knowledge and skills 19
Improved structure and organisation 12
Increased interaction 9
Contextual Enablers TREAT and EBP experience within own team 9
Work unit/leadership culture values EBP 7
Contextual Barriers Competing demands deprioritise JC 21
Planned and emergent staffing changes 11
Perceived lack of confidence and capability 10
Video conference engagement 4
Reduced external accountability 4
Clinician Recommendations
& Future Plans
Build internal capacity and ownership 9
Ongoing involvement of academic mentor 6
Further EBP and stats training 4
Integration of EBP in everyday practice 4
Changes to TREAT format 2
  1. aThis refers to the number of different times this category was mentioned within the focus groups