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Table 2 Examples of the alignment between different analytical units

From: Factors influencing effectiveness in postgraduate medical education – a qualitative study of experiences of the responsible clinical consultants

Meaning unit Condensed meaning unit Code Category Theme
And then he /head of department/ has also become interested – that is, he’s also interested in development and education. And he wants us to be the world’s best. So (postgraduate medical education) is an extremely important part of that. Head of department interested in quality education at the workplace. The head of department gives actively support. Support and cooperation Relational factors
I think that much of what hinders is that people see themselves or their own little section as an isolated activity, and refuse to see this overall and shared responsibility at the clinic regarding specialist training. Colleagues see to their own section, not to the entire department’s interest regarding PGME. Lack of cooperation within the department. Support and cooperation Relational factors
But much is that I have colleagues who are teaching minded, I think, whom I have managed to get on my side. It’s about getting them with me because they’ll have to manage this and carry it all on. Colleagues are interested in education, follows me and carry on the work. Colleagues wants to support and participate in the PGME. Support and cooperation Relational factors