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Table 1 Description of the six main style in the Grasha-Riechmann Student Learning Style Scales

From: The relationship between learning styles and academic performance in TURKISH physiotherapy students

Independent students prefer self-pace instruction and prefer to study alone rather than with other students. They like to think for themselves and are confident in their abilities. They like maximum choice and flexibility and minimum of structure and form. They prefer independent assignments and self-paced instruction.
Dependent students prefer that the teacher guides them and tells them what to do. They only learn what is required and they look up to the teacher for specific guidelines on what to do. They show little intellectual curiosity. They prefer outlines, clear instructions and guidelines and teacher-centered classroom activities.
Competitive students learn in order to perform better than their peers. They feel that they have to compete with other students in the class to get a grade. They like to be the center of attention and to receive recognition for their academic achievements.
Collaborative learners learn by sharing and cooperating with their teachers and peers. They prefer lectures with small group discussions and group projects.
Avoidant learners are not enthusiastic about attending class or acquiring class content. They don’t like to participate in class activities and are sometimes overwhelmed by class activities.
Participant learners are interested in class activities and discussions. They enjoy coming to class and participating in class activities. They like opportunities to discuss class material and readings.