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Table 2 Questionnaire designed to explore the ethical values in the Health Sciences with the scores obtained

From: Ethical values in college education: a mixed-methods pilot study to assess health sciences students’ perceptions

# Item Mean SD
1 I am responsible for my actions. 3.78 0.47
2. After a conversation, I can change my point of view. 3.26 0.66
3. I know the standards of the university and my degree. 3.08 0.81
4. My manner of acting with others is consistent with my ideas. 3.54 0.54
5. I respect my environment, I do not litter, and I do not deface urban surfaces. 3.47 0.74
6. When I fail a subject, I can assess what I can do to improve. 3.48 0.64
7. I like to be updated when there is important news to reflect on what has occurred. 3.12 0.71
8. If a teacher makes fun of a co-worker, I let my coordinator/tutor/delegate know about it. 2.45 0.93
9. When someone is speaking, I do not generally interrupt, and I wait for him/her to finish. 3.20 0.74
10. It seems bad to me when someone insults or interrupts a classmate or teacher. 3.72 0.55
11. I turn to dialogue as a strategy to address conflicts. 3.61 0.57
12. I have an open attitude and close relationships with my colleagues. 3.37 0.71
13. I use trash bins appropriate to each type of waste. 3.05 0.94
14. When I use computers at the university, I turn them off when I finish using them. 3.37 0.91
15. I take special care with the material provided to me by the university (laboratories, classrooms, stretchers, tables, etc.). 3.59 0.56
16. I am aware that consensus/agreement is not always reached through dialogue. 2,74 0.97
17. If a friend becomes angry with me, I reflect on his reaction to try to understand him/her. 3.26 0.71
18. I know how to be in someone else’s shoes. 3.48 0.63
19. I introduce myself or participate in the election of delegates of courses. 1.46 0.85
20. If a teacher suspends me unjustly, I know how to control my anger. 2.46 0.92
21. I give up my seat on the bus to elderly, pregnant or disabled persons. 3.75 0.49
22. I am able to defend my opinion about political or religious news although my colleagues may think otherwise. 3.50 0.66
23. When a group of colleagues unfairly criticizes a friend of mine, I position myself in his/her favor. 3.49 0.67
24. It is important to have a course delegate to speak to teachers and the university. 3.04 0.97
25. I know how to organize my study and leisure hours. 2.92 0.82
26. When a colleague speaks to me during a teacher’s explanation, I ask him/her to let me pay attention. 2.59 0.83
27. I base my opinions on reasoned arguments. 3.48 0.52
28. I favor a good group environment in my work team. 3.52 0.56
29. I participated in a group or organization of a social or political nature. 1.60 0.96
30. I know how to explain my opinions when a topic of discussion emerges in my group of friends. 3.43 0.63
31. When a colleague thinks differently from me, I attempt to respect his/her opinion. 3.40 0.66
32. When a course starts, I make sure to read the program and the standards. 2.33 0.97
33. I show my disapproval of unfair treatment to a person of a different race. 3.55 0.71
34. I relate to people of different religious beliefs, respecting their convictions. 3.62 0.61
35. I recognize good arguments even if they do not coincide with my own. 3.63 0.53
36. If there is a conflict between colleagues, I insist that we listen to one another and reach an agreement. 3.39 0.65
37. I read the news at least once a week. 3.19 0.92
38. I am involved in a volunteer activity. 2.03 1.10
39. I reuse products that I consume as much as possible. 2.76 0.95