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Table 2 Student teacher training program content

From: Peer teacher training for health professional students: a systematic review of formal programs

Teacher Training Content Study reference
Education theory, including adult learning principles, educational psychology, motivation, educational research 10,11,13-15,25–28
Planning teaching, including developing curriculum, session planning, writing objectives and outcomes, topic specific preparation 14,16,17,19,23,25
Teaching methods and techniques, including clinical and practical skills teaching, providing explanation 10,15,19-21,23,24,26
Small group instruction and facilitation skills, including facilitating tutorials 10,13,14,16,17,24,25,27,28
Didactic and large group instruction, including presentation skills 10,14,16,17,19,22,28
The learning environment 11,15
Group and classroom management, including group dynamics, session control, coping with difficult classroom situations 10,15,19,20,23
Assessment and evaluation 10,11,14-17,21,24,28
Instructional design 10,11
Providing feedback 10,13-16,19,21–26,28
Communication 15,17,22
Reflection, reflective practice and self-evaluation 10,13,23,28
Leadership/mentorship/professionalism 10,13,14,17,26
Motivation and optimising learning 10,23,25
Writing assessments and exam questions 15,16,19