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Table 1 Summary of student teacher training programs

From: Peer teacher training for health professional students: a systematic review of formal programs

Study Country / Context Program description Curricula Group size Participant program, level Led by Frequency, duration & mode
1. Andreatta et al., 2009 USA, University of Michigan Medical School Adaption of the ‘Training Tomorrow’s Teachers Today’ (T4) conference Extra curricula 13 Medicine, year unspecified Faculty 5 days, F2F Conference
2. Blanco et al., 2014 USA, Tutfs University Student-as-Teachers (SAT) program Core curriculum Medicine, years 1–4 Faculty 4 yrs., Four online modules (40-60 min each), 25 h practical field experience
3. Blatt & Greenberg, 2007 USA, George Washington University Teaching and Learning Communication Skills (TALKS) program. Elective 28 Medicine, year 4 Faculty Six 2.5 h workshops, a practicum, and service as standardised patient.
4. Burgess et al. 2012 Australia, University of Sydney Implementation of Teaching on the Run program (TOR) Extra curricula 17 Medicine, year 3 Faculty Six 3 h workshop sessions
5. Carr et al., 2016 Australia, University of Western Australia Peer assisted learning (PAL) Extra curricula Varies Medicine, year 6; Nursing, year 2; Podiatric, year 4; Pharmacy, year 2; Health Sciences, year 3; Dentistry, year 4. Faculty F2F training sessions between 1 and 4 h and practical opportunities
6. Erlich & Shaughnessy, 2014. USA, Tufts University Student–Teacher Education Programme (STEP) Extra curricula 13 Medicine, year 4 Faculty Training sessions prior (30 min) and post (45 min) peer teaching session, once a week × 12 wks
7. Dickman et al., 2017 Israel, Bar-llan University Near-peer teaching program Extra curricula 12–15/year Medicine, year 1 Faculty Eight sessions, large and small group training and advanced practical skills training.
8. Fellmer-Drug et al., 2014 Germany, Heidelberg University Didactic student tutor training program Extra curricula Varies Medicine, year unspecified Faculty Approx. 14.5 days across eight weeks, four F2F modules, including practical experience as peer tutor.
9. Gainor 2014 USA, Brown University Medical Education Elective Elective 12 Medicine, year 4 Faculty and student One week (5 days), F2F didactic sessions and three wks practical
10. Newton & Wright, 2011 UK, The Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education (JASME) ‘ASME Teaching Toolkit for Medical Students’ one-day clinical teaching course Extra curricula   Medicine, Senior year Student One day F2F workshop with plenary presentations & small group teachings.
11. Schuetz et al., 2017 Germany. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Near-peer teaching program Extra curricula Medicine, any stage Faculty Two days initial intensive training with modules (20 lessons), intensive workplace-based training (20 lessons). Lesson = 45 min lecture or seminar
12. Silbert & Lake, 2012 Australia, University of Western Australia Modified TOR for PAL program Extra Curricula 29 Medicine, years 4–6 Faculty and student Two 3 h small group interactive workshops
13. Smith et al., 2007 USA, The American Medical Student Association, with the Mount Sinai School of Medicine Training Tomorrow’s Teachers Today (T4) national medical student retreat. Extra curricula 23 Medicine, years 2–4 Faculty and student One week, 6–8 h/day, interactive classes
14. Song, 2014 USA, University of Rochester The Medical Education Pathway (MEP), longitudinal student-as-teacher program Elective 15–20/year Medicine, years 3–4 Faculty Completed over 2 yrs., multimodal: 2 large lectures, 6 mandatory workshops, 1 elective workshops.
15. Van Diggle et al., 2015 Australia, University of Sydney Student Teacher Training (TT) program Extra curricula 23 Medicine, years 3–4 Faculty two 3-h sessions over 2 days
16. Walser et al., 2017 Germany, Ulm University Train the Tutor (TtT) to train student tutors as near-peer teachers Extra curricula 23 Medicine, 5th semester of study and above. Faculty Workshop (16 units), practical phase (114 units – 25 days), advanced seminar (9 units)
17. Weyrich et al., 2009 Germany, University of Tu¨bingen PAL tutor training Extra curricula 14 Medicine, years 4–5 Faculty Two 3-h sessions, plus a standardised student-tutor didactics seminar (two 4-h sessions)
18. Yeung et al., 2017 Canada, University of Toronto Student as Teachers (SAT) program Extra curricula 20 Medicine, year 2 Faculty Seven months integrated into full academic year. Eight 2 h educational modules, five practical teaching sessions, and three independent assignments
19. Zijdenbos et al., 2011 Netherlands, Utrecht University Medical Center START block: ‘Supervised Training in Attitude, Research and Teaching’. Core curriculum 12–15 Medicine, year 6 Faculty 1wk course spread over 2wks (a total study load of 40 h)