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Table 1 Interview guideline

From: Influences on students’ empathy in medical education: an exploratory interview study with medical students in their third and last year

Medical empathy
 What does it mean from your point of view to be an empathetic doctor?
 Please describe your own empathy in patient contact.
Empathy with patients
 Which value do you attach to being empathetic with patients?
 How do you handle patients‘emotions and feelings?
 Did you encounter situations in which it was hard for you to understand and cater to a patient’s feelings and views, hence being empathetic? Can you describe these situations?
 In which situations was it easier for you to cater to a patient’s feelings and views?
 Only for students in the final clinical year: Would you say, that your manner of handling patients and catering to their feeling has changed through the experiences you made until now in your final clinical year? Please describe …
 Thinking of your clinical experiences until now, would you say that there is a difference between your empathy in your private life and your empathy with the patients? Please describe …
Empathy in the course of studies
 What aspects of your studies have helped you to develop empathy with patients?
 What aspects of your studies have hindered you to develop empathy with patients?
 Do you have wishes or suggestions for the future concerning empathy in medical education?
 Has your empathy changed during your course of studies?
 Do you want to add something concerning empathy or empathy in medical education?