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Table 5 Program benefits reported by NGS fellows, home institution supervisors and host institution mentors

From: The Next Generation Scientist program: capacity-building for future scientific leaders in low- and middle-income countries

Fellows and supervisors Mentors
Access to data, biomedical technologies, and industry scientific expertise Insights into local health care system and infrastructure in low and middle income countries (LMICs)
Enhanced skills to formulate relevant and impactful research questions Insights into differences in disease manifestation and patient needs between LMICs and high-income countries (HICs)
Opportunities for networking and collaboration (e.g., with NGS fellows, industry colleagues, academic collaborators through networks created during the fellowship) Development of collaborative relationships with local academic centers with similar or complementary research interests
Expedited completion of post-graduate qualification Contribution to a social responsibility-driven mission
Improved understanding of career opportunities in industry and academia  
Development of local scientists and heightened global awareness of research environment  
Increased professional confidence, success in securing employment and leadership positions