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Table 1 Medical Professionalism in the New Millennium: A Physician Charter

From: Chinese medical students’ agreement with and fulfillment of the Physician Charter

Item Content
Fundamental Principles
 P1 Principle of primacy of patient welfare.
 P2 Principle of patient autonomy.
 P3 Principle of social justice.
Professional Responsibilities
 R1 Commitment to professional competence.
 R2 Commitment to honesty with patients.
 R3 Commitment to patient confidentiality.
 R4 Commitment to maintaining appropriate relations with patients.
 R5 Commitment to improving quality of care.
 R6 Commitment to improving access to care.
 R7 Commitment to a just distribution of finite resources.
 R8 Commitment to scientific knowledge.
 R9 Commitment to maintaining trust by managing conflicts of interest.
 R10 Commitment to professional responsibilities.