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Table 3 Example Stages of Progression in Mezirow Framework

From: Ethical learning on international medical electives: a case-based analysis of medical student learning experiences

Mezirow Stage Participant Response
Disorienting Dilemma Whilst working in an ex-orphanage in Romania I had to come to terms with the practice of local staff of restraining the residents with strait jackets and tying people to chairs. This situation had arisen due to a severe lack of staff and the complex physical and mental disabilities of the residents…
Self-Examination It was extremely distressing to see and although we tried to prevent this happening as much as possible, by offering extra pairs of hands and distraction, there were often times when it seemed there was no alternative.
Critical Assessment To change things long term is far easier said than done though and also calls into question whether or not we are qualified to make these sort of comments, whether we have any right to intervene in a workplace where we do not have to work day in day out.