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Table 2 Framework Stages Mezirow & Kolb

From: Ethical learning on international medical electives: a case-based analysis of medical student learning experiences

Stage Mezirow’s Framework Stage Kolb’s Experiential Learning Pathway Phase Learning Phase
1 Disorienting Dilemma Concrete, Reflective Phase 1: Reflective
2 Self-Examination (Often with feeling of guilt or shame)
3 Critical Assessment of epistemic, sociocultural or psychic assumptions Abstract, Reflective
4 Recognition of connection between one’s discontent and the process of transformation
5 Explaining option for new behavior
6 Planning a course of action Abstract, Active Phase 2: Active
7 Knowledge to implement plans
8 Experimenting with new roles Concrete, Active
9 Building of confidence with new roles
10 Reintegration into one’s life on the basis of conditions dictated by ones new life