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Table 3 Summary of key results

From: A survey of cariology teaching in Australia and New Zealand

Survey responses Number of responses from total number of programs 17/21 (81%) programs
Number of responses received - dentistry programs 7/10 (70%) programs
Number of responses received - BOH/dental therapy programs 10/11 (91%) programs
Number of partially completed surveys 3/17 (18%) surveys
Discipline Cariology as a specific discipline within the program 4/16 (25%) of programs
Curriculum Cariology curriculum in written format 7/17 (41%) of programs
Staff Number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff teaching cariology Average = 4.2 FTE Range = 1–10 FTE
Detection & Diagnosis Detection of caries lesions - visual/tactile method 16/16 (100%) programs
Detection of caries lesions - radiographic interpretation 16/16 (100%) programs
Detection and assessment system - ICDAS recommended 10/16 (62%) programs
Bitewing radiography as a routine component of examination 11/16 (69%) programs
Operative intervention Cavitation as the criteria for operative intervention of caries lesion 6/16 (37%) programs
Non-Carious tissue loss Non-carious loss of tooth tissue included in curriculum 14/14 (100%) programs
Education & Calibration Education for clinical teaching staff in cariology 7/14 (50%) programs
Calibration of clinical teaching staff in cariology teaching 5/14 (36%) programs