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Table 3 Application numbers, 2011 to 2014 combined

From: Would changing the selection process for GP trainees stem the workforce crisis? A cohort study using multiple-imputation and simulation

  Round 1 Round 2*
Applications included (with GMC number, passing Stage 1 and not withdrawing prior to Stage 2) 20,782 (mean 5196 per year) 4578 (mean 1145 per year)
Of which did, or were imputed to have, withdrawn before Stage 3 or declined offer of a post (mean across the 10 imputations) 4174 (mean 1044 per year) 778 (mean 195 per year)
Maximum number of posts that could have been filled (Applications included minus withdrawals and declines) 16,608 (mean 4152 per year) 3800 (mean 950 per year)
  1. *These data are only used when modelling the 2015 selection process (see Table 1); for all other processes modelled all posts are filled in Round 1