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Table 3 Expert panel’s separate and joined categorisations of items from JSAPNC (J-item no. in table) and RIPLS (R-item no. in table) into core interprofessional competencies

From: Characteristics of two questionnaires used to assess interprofessional learning: psychometrics and expert panel evaluations

Values/ethics for interprofessional practice Roles/responsibilities Interprofessional communication Teams and teamwork
First expert panel’s categorisation
 J13 J1 J15 J9
 R6 J2 R3 J11
 R7 J3 R5 J14
 R10 J4 R13 R1
 R19 J5   R2
  J6   R4
  J7   R8
  J8   R11
  J10   R12
  J12   R14
  R9   R15
  R18   R16
Second expert panel’s categorisation
 J8 J1 J14 J3
 J11 J2 J15 J9
 R4 J4 R3 R1
 R6 J5 R5 R2
 R7 J6 R9 R8
 R10 J7 R13 R14
 R11 J10 R15 R16
 R12 J12   
 R19 J13   
Common JSAPNC and RIPLS items in relation to core interprofessional competencies from the two IPL expert panel sessions
 R6 J1 J15 J9
 R7 J2 R3 R1
 R10 J4 R5 R2
 R19 J5 R13 R8
  J6   R14
  J7   R16