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Table 5 Themes and illustrative quotes for the participant domaina

From: Process-oriented evaluation of an international faculty development program for Asian developing countries: a qualitative study

Themes Quotes
Heterogeneity of fellows’ composition I came to realize that actual experiences (of the fellows) were fairly different despite our context of seemingly similar under-resourced countries, and even between units in an organization. When talking with other fellows from my university, I realized that we had had different perspectives on the same situation. (Fellow F, University, Pharmacy)
If we have the same background – if all fellows were medical doctors – it might have been possible to go deeper for some topics. With this diversity, facilitators cannot teach in-depth in one area. They rather just have to make overview or cover general theories. (Fellow H, MOH, Medicine)
Cognitive attributes of participants Each of us has different knowledge, and we can help each other. Furthermore, even when one’s theoretical knowledge is limited, it does not matter much because everyone has been involved in various educational activities such as teaching, assessment, and curriculum planning. (Fellow E, MOH, Medicine)
I understand most of the teachings, but I feel difficulty in choosing proper words in English when I want to express my opinion. Listening is okay, but expressing idea is limited (for me). (Fellow H, MOH, Medicine)
Non-cognitive attributes of participants The most important thing is the willingness to share. We can learn while we teach others (Fellow F, University, Pharmacy)
When I did not fully understand lectures, I asked Fellow B, because he explains (lectures) in Khmer. It’s often more comfortable than lectures and makes me confident. (Fellow D, University, Nursing)
Sometimes I wanted to know more details of an area, but I suddenly felt like “other participants might not be that interested as I am”, so I just stayed back and didn’t ask (Fellow E, MOH, Medicine)
I think facilitator E has assumed that we knew the concept (of the lecture), because when he asked us “do you know this?”, we remained silent and just nodded. (Fellow F, University, Pharmacy)
  1. aFor each quote, the type of affiliated institution and professional background are provided in the parentheses
  2. MOH Ministry of Health