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Table 1 Overview of the LJWF-HPE

From: Process-oriented evaluation of an international faculty development program for Asian developing countries: a qualitative study

Week Modules and Topics Total hours of education Number of facilitators involved
1st week Module 1: Theory & Practice of Teaching and Learning 25 4
2nd week Module 2: Student Selection and Admissions 5a 2
3rd week Module 3: Curriculum Development and Evaluation 25 3
4th week Module 4: Student Assessment 30b 4
5th week Module 5: Educational Administration & Project Management 30c 4
6th week Module 6: Technology in Medical Education 10 4
6th week Module 7: Human Resource for Health Policy 10 2
7th week Module 8: National Licensing Examination 7 2
7th week Module 9: Accreditation 8 3
8th week Module 10: ODA Design and Development for Human Resource for Health 15 1
Total 165 21d
  1. aAll fellows participated the Asia-Pacific Joint Conference on PBL 2016 for three days during this week; bOne supplementary session was added on the 6th week by the request of fellows; cOne day in the 8th week was allotted for this module; dFive facilitators participated in more than two modules
  2. LJWF-HPE Lee Jong-Wook Fellowship for Health Professional Education ODA Official Developmental Assistance