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Table 1 Main reasons for students’ interest in combining research with their medical program

From: What will it take? Pathways, time and funding: Australian medical students’ perspective on clinician-scientist training

Multiple-choice response to the questiona: What is the main reason for your interest in combining research with your medical degree? Number Percent
It will improve my CV and chances of getting into my preferred registration discipline/college 172 41.15
I have a strong interest in a particular research area 51 12.20
I believe it will help me be a better clinician 51 12.20
I want to develop some research skills 41 9.81
I am interested in an academic career in the future 34 8.13
I hope to get some research output such as co-authorship on a paper or conference abstract 23 5.50
Total 372 89
  1. aOnly one choice was permitted