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Table 1 weekly learning topics of Musculoskeletal sciences, Respiratory sciences and Cardiovascular sciences block

From: Team-based learning (TBL) in the medical curriculum: better than PBL?

Week Title Topic
Musculoskeletal Sciences block
 Problem Based Learning
  Week 1 New wheels – fractured femur Fractured femur (MVA)
  Week 2 Not just a game Acute knee injury
  Week 3 I always work hard Sciatica/back injury
 Team Based Learning
  Week 4 An embarrassing fall Fractured NOF & osteoporosis
  Week 5 I must be getting old Osteoarthritis
  Week 6 Why me? Rheumatoid arthritis
Respiratory Sciences block
 Problem Based Learning
  Week 1 Not at fault Chest trauma, pneumothorax
  Week 4 Ex-navy Interstitial lung disease
  Week 6 A different cause of cough Cystic fibrosis
  Week 7 Difficult circumstances Pneumonia, Otitis media
 Team Based Learning
  Week 2 Wheezing and breathless Asthma
  Week 3 A nasty cough Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  Week 5 Sleeping on the job Sleep apnoea, respiratory failure
Cardiovascular Sciences block
 Problem Based Learning
  Week 3 Ms Newman’s indigestion Myocardial ischaemia
  Week 4 A breathless pregnancy Valvular heart disease
 Team Based Learning
  Week 2 Going down hill Heart failure
  Week 5 Jennifer and David’s baby Congenital heart disease, Down sydnrome
  Week 6 A sudden collapse Syncope and arrhythmia/hypertension