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Table 1 Positive aspects of the online modules identified from thematic analysis of student ePortfolio reflections

From: A model for the use of blended learning in large group teaching sessions

Identified theme Representative student reflection
Promoting understanding “In addition to the normal lectures provided, online modules bring together and make sense of newly taught information”
Promoting deeper learning “Having online modules as opposed to traditional lectures forces students to embrace independent learning and allows us to develop the skills of ‘how to learn’.”
Motivation “I was motivated to complete these modules because it was quick to go through and I thoroughly enjoyed the audio recording alongside with slides. The imagery was very intriguing and this was reflected in my motivation to perform well.”
Identifying priorities “With the amount of information covered in lectures, I sometimes struggle identifying whether certain parts are important or not… However, the online modules allow me to prioritise which parts of the topic are required whilst providing a good amount of detail.”
Efficiency “The information in the slides was concise and very well structured making the process of studying the course very efficient.”
Flexibility “…to my rescue come the online modules, which can be done when and if I am ready to learn, usually on a Sunday afternoon in the sun.”
Navigation “I enjoy that I’m able to pause throughout the modules because it gives me plenty of time to understand and take notes, rather than in a lecture where I feel I miss things because I sometimes struggle to keep up with note taking.”
Feedback “The quizzes can be hard, but they provide really good feedback on how I’m actually going and whether I’ve critically understood what was presented to me.”
Individualisation “I think having a variety of mediums where the same information is presented to us, whether it be the tutorials, macropathology labs or online modules, has given me choices to suit to my study habits and study needs, but also helped me experiment with the learning style I am most accustomed to.”