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Table 3 Suggestions for improvement to the “Peer Teacher Training” program

From: Peer teacher training (PTT) program for health professional students: interprofessional and flipped learning

Explanation of the theme Theme and students’ comments No. of similar responses
  Increased small group teaching, and more content delivered online  
Students would like more theory delivered online, to reduce face-to-face teaching time, and increase small group activity time. Even less didactic teaching. Have it prepared online, mostly focus on workshop sessions and have a shorter day.
I think the peer teacher training program can be improved by providing more opportunities for students to showcase the learned skills. Reduce the amount of lectures. Shorter day.
  Additional health professional students included  
Students would like to see more health disciplines included
Additionally, they would like to increase their knowledge of the various health professional curricula
Greater mix of students in each small group to mirror hospital activities
I think having the opportunity to engage with more healthcare professionals and do more small teaching sessions would really help more towards our future profession in term of communication and feedback to help us learn for the next time.
More discussion into what role each student has and the depth of knowledge expected as I wasn’t sure what year the other students were and what prior knowledge they have. E.g. as a pharmacy student, I wasn’t sure how they taught the med students in terms of syllabus.
I wish there was more allied health professionals in this session as they really helped to create a real environment as it usually is in the hospital.
  Integrate the PTT program into the health professional curricula  
Some students commented that more students should be given the opportunity to participate, and the PTT program should be part of the curricula across the health professions They should integrate such program into the core curriculum for all healthcare discipline. So when they graduate and practice in their respective discipline they can too be better teachers.
I think it was fantastic, and very important for healthcare students, so maybe if resources are available to take in more students, increase the awareness surrounding the program as it provides a fantastic overview and foundation of teaching skills.