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Table 2 Students’ perceived “most useful aspects” of the PTT program

From: Peer teacher training (PTT) program for health professional students: interprofessional and flipped learning

Explanation of the theme Theme and students’ comments No. of similar responses
  The models provided for teaching, feedback and communication 37/80
The use of frameworks in teaching, feedback and communication (Pendleton’s model of feedback; Peyton’s four step approach to teaching a skill; and ISBAR for handover)
It was noted that these frameworks would assist in inter-professional health care communication.
I think the practical skills were great- extremely useful. It helped highlight the effectiveness of using a framework and helped reiterate a structured approach towards teaching and communicating thoughts and ideas.
ISBAR method of communication allowed me to develop a method by which I can succinctly communicate with other HCPs; especially in a community pharmacy setting where as a pharmacist I need to often talk to busy doctors.
I enjoyed the use of models as a structure to give feedback and teach a skill. Also, I very much enjoyed ISBAR and think this will be extremely useful in the future. It will help me to interact with other HCP more efficiently.
  The small group activities requiring pre-preparation, and multiple opportunities to give and receive feedback 47/80
The active small group sessions provided a safe environment to practice skills and reinforce theory.
Students found pre-class preparation for the small group activities useful.
The practical sessions provided an opportunity to
not only practice skills, but also practice giving and
receiving feedback Opportunities for self reflection and improvement were provided through multiple feedback
Small groups provided a good learning environment, it was more comfortable and engaging. Able to apply theory learnt in a practical manner.
The small group tasks and physical application of newly learnt skills with an educator present firmly grounded these basic principles of teaching in my memory.
The practical components which followed the framework we were taught to use were very helpful. Getting the opportunity to prepare teaching sessions, provide feedback and do handover was very helpful.
Reviewing the principles behind creating a teaching session and practicing giving feedback - solidifying positive feedback and giving constructive feedback. Providing good constructive feedback and receiving them provide an opportunity to self reflect on aspects that I think I can improve on.
Giving us the chance to practice the skills taught to us and be provided with individual feedback was very effective. Opportunities to practice basic teaching principles (i.e. set, dialogue, closure and the 4 step approach to skills teaching), and receive feedback for this from both a peer and a facilitator.
  Inter-professional aspect of the program 20/80
Provision of a formal platform to interact with other health professionals
Helped to develop an understanding of inter-professional communication strategies
Helped to develop an understanding of the roles of other health professionals
The opportunity to interact with students outside my discipline throughout the day-during activities and breaks, to gain perspectives on how other professions approach a scenario of what actions they face.
It helps me to understand the necessary and tricks for interprofessional communication with other healthcare professional (the language, scope and context). The importance of using ISBAR when interacting with other healthcare professional.
Gain insight about the level of understanding and background knowledge that students from other disciplines. Talk to other health professional gain their insight learn new thing. I found being able to gain an understanding and knowledge of other health care fields very satisfying and it changed my previous perspective about what other health professionals were involved in
  The content, resources and teaching methods 19/80
The structure of the face-to-face session assisted in student learning
The variety of teaching methods, and resources helped to students to prepare and actively participate in class.
Students felt the program provided adequate foundation to build on and practice.
The layout of the whole day- the flow of the information was great to understand what was coming up next. The small group tasks and physical application of newly learnt skills with an educator present firmly grounded these basic principles of teaching in my memory.
Going through the steps used in teaching. Using different materials, and tasks to go through the steps e.g. discussions, video, small group activities. The videos were exceptional and it was great to see examples on how to do things well. Clear instructions from staff. Good delivery of background knowledge. Good powerpoint presentations. Involving students in the teaching i.e. questions, group activities. Overall, very good and informative course.
This program really started with what they expected us to know and slowly built up small goals and achievements throughout the day. Extremely engaging and very useful. Taught many skills that should be applicable in everyday teaching. Overall, extremely beneficial. Thank you so much for today!