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Table 2 Description of the pediatric otoscopy curriculum

From: Teaching the pediatric ear exam and diagnosis of Acute Otitis Media: a teaching and assessment model in three groups

Curriculum Component Description
Objectives • Demonstrate Approach to Pediatric Ear Exam • Differentiate Clinically AOM, OME, and Normal Ear
Learning Methods • Interactive Didactic Lecture • Small Group Discussion • Hands-On Training
Content • Overview of Ear Anatomy • Discussion of Clinical Presentation and Diagnostic Criteria of AOM, OME, and Normal Ear • Illustration of Tympanic Membrane Findings Using ePROM Images • Discussion of Systematic Methods to Describe Tympanic Membrane • Live Demonstration of Pediatric Ear Exam by Faculty • Practice on Other Students and Mannequins Chosen to Represent Children of Varying Ages Using Skills Checklist with Facilitated Faculty Feedback
Outcome Measures • Pre-Intervention and Post-Intervention Written Tests for Intervention Group and Non-Intervention Group • Pre-Intervention and Post-Intervention Assessment of Skills in Real Patients using Skills Checklist for Intervention Group and Non-Intervention Group • Post-Graduation Written Tests for Retention Group