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Table 4 An example of Target percentages for SOsM in the course ‘Physiological modeling’

From: Improvement of medical content in the curriculum of biomedical engineering based on assessment of students outcomes

The Instructor Dr. Enas Abdulhay
The course (Name) Physiological modeling
The course (code) BME 531
The number of credit hours 3
Outcome Target
Technical outcome 1 5
Technical outcome 2 2
Technical outcome 3 20
Technical outcome 4 5
Technical outcome 5 0
Technical outcome 6 3
Technical outcome 7 0
Technical outcome 8 0
Technical outcome 9 2
Technical outcome 10 13
Medical outcome 1 10
Medical outcome 2 30
Medical outcome 3 10
Total 100%
  1. The medical outcome 2 has the highest weight since the course focuses on many aspects of physiology and physiological models. The medical outcome 1 is assigned 10% because it is to be considered only in homework where students should discuss, with medical doctors, the significance of the results of different pathologies simulation. The medical outcome 3 is assigned 10% because it is to be considered only in computer-based homework where interaction between respiratory system and ventilator is studied