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Table 1 Junior doctor participant demographics

From: “A steep learning curve”: junior doctor perspectives on the transition from medical student to the health-care workplace

  Gender Age in years Domestic or International studentb Previous highest undergraduate degreec Junior doctor workplaced Queensland (QLD) or International (Int)
Number of participants (N = 15) Male: 11
Female: 4a
<21: nil
21–25: 3
26–30: 9
31–35: 3
>35: nil
Australian: 8
International: 7
BA: 2
BSc: 10
MSc: 1
Pharmacy: 2
Engineering: 1
QLD: 12
Int: 3
  1. aThe UQ medical student cohort is approximately 60% male, 40% female
  2. bAll international students were from Canada or USA. The UQ medical student cohort includes approximately 30% international students
  3. cThe UQ medical program accepts only graduate students. One student had completed both a BA and a BSc
  4. dAll international workplaces were in North America. Three Australian workplaces included regional and rural hospital placements