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Table 2 FIRO-B score range

From: How do medical students differ in their interpersonal needs?

Score range Low Medium High
Needs 0–5 6–12 13–18
♦ Inclusion: Being part of a group, recognition
♦ Control: Influencing situations, leading, responsibility
♦ Affection: Being close with individuals, building rapport
Behaviors 0–7 8–19 20–27
♦ Expressed: What you tend to do; how much you initiate this behavior with others; observable action
♦ Wanted: How much you tend to want others to initiate this behavior with you; how much you prefer to be the recipient
Six dimensions of needs 0–2 3–6 7–9
Overall 0–15 (Low) 16–26
(High) 27–38