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Table 2 Intended curriculum (RCPSC) learning objectives, which were not identified in the formal curriculum

From: Social pediatrics: weaving horizontal and vertical threads through pediatric residency

CanMEDS Role Numbera Royal College Competencies
Communicator C2.1.1 Demonstrate respect for patients & families and for their values systems which may be different than pediatrician’s own values
Medical Expert M2.1.3.6 Laws and resources in adolescence
M2.1.18.7 Effects of chronic rheumatic diseases on physical growth and social development
M2.1.16.4 Health implications of restricted diets, or diets determined by custom or socioeconomic situation
  1. aReference number “Objectives of training in Pediatrics" published by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) [20]