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Table 1 Blueprint of the questions asked in both very short answer (VSA) and single best answer (SBA) formats

From: Validity of very short answer versus single best answer questions for undergraduate assessment

Question Specialty & Topic
1 Cardiology: diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy by voltage criteria on ECG
2 Cardiology: diagnosis of pericarditis
3 Respiratory Medicine: treatment of pneumonia
4 Gastroenterology: investigation of iron deficiency anaemia
5 Gastroenterology: clinical presentation of portal hypertension
6 Gastroenterology: diagnosis of hereditary haemorrhagic telangiecstasia
7 Endocrinology: investigation of hyponatraemia
8 Endocrinology: clinical presentation of thyrotoxicosis
9 Endocrinology: investigation of diabetic ketoacidosis
10 Haematology: diagnosis of haemolytic uraemic syndrome
11 Haematology: diagnosis of multiple myeloma
12 Nephrology: investigation of nephrotic syndrome
13 General surgery: small bowel obstruction on abdominal radiograph
14 Urology: investigation of suspected renal calculi
15 Breast Surgery: diagnosis of a breast mass