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Table 1 Summary of the topics and content of the 5 days of IMPACT

From: Physician empowerment programme; a unique workshop for physician-managers of community clinics

Meeting Topic Main content
Introduction and Acquaintance Greetings, presentation of the program, group acquaintance, setting expectations
Perception of role Recognition of the unconscious perception of the managerial role
Tuesday Personal awareness and personal vision Acquaintance and experience with different models of self-awareness: Distinguishing and choosing life approaches: reacting / acting / creating Understanding and taking control of the processing of events: from incident occurrence, to interpretation, to elicited emotion, to possible reactions
Identifying behavioral and emotional patterns, and examination of their fit with an individual perception of the managerial role and with a personal and organizational vision
Outcome thinking Developing outcome thinking
Defining desired outcomes and developing patterns of thinking to realize these outcomes.
Identification of undesired outcomes and examination of thinking patterns that educe them.
Tools to achieve desired goals based on personal qualities and abilities Field workshop including an overnight stay.
Applying personal qualities to achieve desired results in personal and professional realms Developing innovative thinking and discovering new means of coping
Analysis of managerial dilemmas, using novel thinking to creatively change situations.
Solo exercise – participants are sent for a solo exercise in the field. This exercise is a dramatic experience, intense, and meaningful, which promotes deep understanding of the ways by which habitual patterns obstruct self-realization and the achievement of desired outcomes
Personal profile with insights on leadership Processing of the solo exercise and the insights gained thus far. Identification and clarification of factors that cause personal fatigue, and acquisition of tools to deal with them
Creation of a personal leadership profile
Tuesday Identifying personal style and approach Integrative exercise to summarize the course and to catalyze application in personal and professional realms
Conclusions and feedback Individual and group feedback and conclusions