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Table 2 Post-Training Questionnaire to assess Undergraduate Attitudes to the Genetic Counseling Training Program at TMMU, % Who Answered Yes (N = 324)

From: Role-playing is an effective instructional strategy for genetic counseling training: an investigation and comparative study

I …… % yes
was willing to participate in this program more than in the traditional lectures 98.5
was glad to accept the instructional strategy of role-playing 98.5
felt that it was a pleasant experience to play the roles 97.2
agreed that role-playing was a good teaching method to help me understand what genetic counseling is and which processes and factors are involved 80.9
believed that role-playing could help me to master the knowledge of medical genetics by self-study 75.9
believed that role-playing could improve my communication skills with counselees or patients 79.0
believed that this program could help me in my future professional career 70.4