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Table 1 List of tasks depicted on individual cards in the Momento card sort

From: Assessing the similarity of mental models of operating room team members and implications for patient safety: a prospective, replicated study

Generic tasks
 1. Check blood availability
 2. Check for optimal patient positioning on table
 3. Initiate sign in
 4. Administer anaesthesia induction drugs
 5. Perform a rapid sequence induction
 6. Ensure appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis
 7. Insert urinary catheter
 8. Initiate time out
 9. Make surgical incision
 10. Ensure patient warming devices in place
 11. Ensure TED stockings and calf compressors on
 12. Monitor ongoing blood loss
 13. Organise bed space in PACU (Post-anaesthesia care unit)
 14. Close incision
 15. Check drains are turned on
 16. Confirm estimated blood loss
 17. Initiate sign out
 18. Provide handover on intraoperative events to PACU staff
Scenario specific tasks
  Laparotomy for an abdominal stab injury (knife in situ) (scenario 1)
 19. Inform intensive care unit
 20. Remove knife from abdomen
  Laparotomy for a perforated viscus (scenario 2)
 19. Locate site of perforation
 20. Fashion stoma