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Table 9 Advantages and disadvantages

From: The strategic use of lecture recordings to facilitate an active and self-directed learning approach

Which of the following is the greatest advantage/disadvantage of using recorded lectures?
Advantages % of respondents
 I don't have to attend class. 2.1
 It gives me flexibility to view lectures when convenient 17.8
 It improves my ability to understand lectures and lecture content 27.0
 It enables me to view lectures at my own pace. 17.8
 It enables me to view lectures, consult texts and other resources, etc. at the same time. 27.4
 I don't use it. 7.8
Disadvantages % of respondents
 It takes a lot of time to figure out the best way to use it. 3.9
 It is easy to waste too much study time using it. 22.4
 Recordings are incomplete (missing slides). 27.8
 The technology is unreliable. 25.3
 It leads to skipping class. 5.7
 I don't use it. 9.3
 It leads to falling behind. 5.6