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Table 3 Influences encouraging patient-centred care

From: Medical students developing confidence and patient centredness in diverse clinical settings: a longitudinal survey study

  Positive experiences Negative experiences
Role modelling “My Supervisor/mentor had a real emphasis on patient-centred care that will stay with me for the rest of my career.” (#127, male, inner metropolitan) “The complete lack of patient centred care at the hospital has inspired me to do the opposite.” (#202, male, inner metropolitan)
“GP especially was good for this (understanding PCC). My GP was great at collaborating with his patients regarding the best care for them.” (#83, female, inner metropolitan) “Hospital is not patient centred” #131, female, rural)
Direct teaching “Great teachers always make a point of this (patient-centred care) and it is important to always be aware of the whole person.” (#39, female, rural) “We were told how patient centred care improves outcomes, but never how to actually practice it or given any opportunities to practice.” (#126, male, inner metropolitan)
Practising “Especially during GP rotation. I’ve seen the same patient quite a few times and built a rapport which made me think about patient-centred care.” (#118, male, inner metropolitan) “I have learned a lot about patients’ perceptions from interactions with them and often things that I end up having to tell the doctors because the doctor didn’t ask.” (#6, female, outer metropolitan)