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Table 2 Examples of different teaching points

From: Teaching points-do they occur and what do they contain? An observation study concerning the general practice rotation

Topic of teaching point General teaching point Specific teaching point
Therapy/treatment Preceptor advises against combining statins with fibrates due to the heightened risk for rhabdomyolysis. The medication of a particular patient is discussed and explained.
Patient history   The GP provides biographical background information which helps understand the patient present.
Diagnostic procedure ECG: After asking student for a sign of hypertension in an ECG, the preceptor explains the calculation of the Sokolow-Lyon Index in ECGs.  
Physical examination Knee examination: Preceptor enquires whether student had examined patient for patellar effusion; as this was not the case, the student is then required to do so whilst being instructed by GP.  
Disease pathology Von Willibrand’s Syndrome is explained by preceptor  
Differential diagnosis The preceptor asks the student what the differential of a cough in children would be.  
Risk factors General cardiovascular risk factors are explained. The factors present in a particular patient are discussed.
Case presentation Teaching practitioner explains that he would generally expect the correct medical terms to be used in a case presentation.  
  1. Legend: Categories according to topic and type of teaching point (general rule or specific, case-bound information)