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Fig. 1

From: Post graduate clinical placements: evaluating benefits and challenges with a mixed methods cross sectional design

Fig. 1

Themes and subdescriptors from qualitative analysis. Detailed legend: The figure shows the results of the qualitative analysis of transcripts from each focus group, one with students and one with supervisors. The same themes emerged from each and thus are illustrated together in the figure. Broad themes (Mutual Benefit; Professionalism; Time Commitment and Bureaucratic Problems) subsumed more detailed subdescriptors within each theme. CRB: Criminal Records Bureau. These are compulsory statutory checks administered by the UK government which identify any previous criminal convictions of a potential employee which might render them unsuitable for work in the proposed position. OH: Occupational Health. These are compulsory institutional checks to identify any health issues which need special provision or which might render a potential employee unsuitable for work in the proposed position

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