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Table 4 Reasons for change in motivation due to selection as reported by students, illustrated with quotations

From: Motivation of medical students: selection by motivation or motivation by selection

Reasons for change in motivation Quotations
 Feeling in control “Selection made you feel like you were in control of your admission, which was very nice” (this presumably is in comparison with weighted lottery)
 Affirmation of their abilities  
 - By themselves “It gave me confidence that I can handle it, that I am fit for the programme”
 - By others “… because selection confirmed that others also considered me suitable”
 - Living up to expectations “A better/extra chance to prove to myself that I can do it”
 Feeling privileged  
 - Being part of a special group “By being part of a special group” & “Because being part of a group of lucky people is an honour”
 - Getting a chance “Because I got the chance to study what I always wanted”
Informed choice  
 Reflection on study choice “Because the selection is tough, you reflect on why you want this so badly”
“… and you are constantly asked about your motivation by your environment and by yourself”
 Getting acquainted with course material “During selection you could already get a taste of the study, which (luckily) felt good”
Result of effort “Because of the dozens of extra hours I put into my preparation for decentralized selection I am more motivated. You put in more ‘effort’ in order to be able to study this, therefore you want to go for it even more!”