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Table 1 Construct subscales and sample items

From: Attributions, future time perspective and career maturity in nursing undergraduates: correlational study design

  Subscale Sample items
Career maturity inventory Career decisiveness I have made a decision to engage in what kind of work in the future.
Career confidence I was worried that I could not find an expected job.
Career independence No matter what others say, I think I will choose the career I prefer to.
Career value The most important factor I would consider in career choice is money.
Relational dependence I would make a career choice in accordance with my parents’ expectation.
Career reference I want to communicate with people in my interested occupational field.
Multidimensional-multiattributional causality scale Attributions of academic achievement Ability: The most important factor for getting good grades is my ability of learning.
   Effort: I attributed my good grades to efforts.
   Contextual factors: Sometimes I got a good grade just because of the easy contents of the course.
   Luck: Sometimes I have to rely on luck to get the success of examination.
  Attributions of affiliation Ability: Getting along with people is a skill.
   Effort: Efforts are needed to maintain friendship.
   Contextual factors: Whether I enjoy a social occasion almost completely depends on the characteristics of others.
   Luck: Making friends is mostly a matter of taking my chance.
General future time perspective questionnaire Behavioral commitment I am gradually moving forward to finish my plan on time.
Future efficacy I am confident of my future.
Far-reach goal orientation I often imagine the goal I am to achieve in five years.
Future purpose consciousness I often feel living without an aim.
Future image I know there are a lot of tasks to be done in the future.