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Table 5 Content analysis of participants’ views on simulation and the AusSETT Program

From: A national training program for simulation educators and technicians: evaluation strategy and outcomes

Top five themes: Most challenging aspect of simulation-based education 259
 1 Debriefing or aspects of debriefing such as feedback 44
 2 Issuesof authenticity, such as ‘making it real’ 43
 3 Engagement of staff or students as a challenge 40
 4 Finding the ‘time’ to conduct simulation-based education 27
 5 Resources, such as money or equipment 21
Top five themes: Areas of interest in simulation practice 262
 1 Debriefing or aspects of debriefing such as feedback 43
 2 Manikin modality or simulation centre type simulation 28
 3 Professional skills, with 15 specifically mentioning teamwork 28
 4 Scenario development 25
 5 All aspects of simulation 21
Top five themes: Reasons for enrolling in the AusSETT Program 270
 1 To develop, expand or consolidate knowledge and skills 164
 2 To train/support others 52
 3 A passion, interest or belief in simulation-based education 40
 4 Invited, nominated or part of employment 40
 5 Directly relevant to employment role 25