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Table 1 Overview of the SICME

From: Evaluation of an international faculty development program for developing countries in Asia: the Seoul Intensive Course for Medical Educators

Week Modules and topics Total hours of education per module Number of facilitators involved
1st week Module 1: Theory & practice of teaching and learning 27 5
2nd week Module 2: Curriculum development and evaluation 27 7
3rd week Module 3: Student assessment 27 6
4th week Module 4: Technology in medical education 15a 4
5th week Module 5: Educational administration 27 6
6th week Module 6: Student selection and admissions 9 2
Module 7: Accreditation and licensing examination 9 3
Module 8: Official development assistance for human resources development 9 1
Total 150 23 b
  1. aTwo days of the New Year’s Holiday were in the 4th week; b Seven facilitators participated in more than two modules